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Why Owning a Rapidly Expanding Home Care Franchise Allows Entrepreneurs to Make an Impact Not Only With Their Clients, but Also the Community They Serve

From a young age, Lisa Ciotoli has always understood the value of hard work. Years later, she would come to understand the value of passion. The two were invaluable when her parents, unfortunately, took ill and Lisa began to care for them. Going through the process of finding an assisted living facility for her mother, a decision that was hard to make, Lisa sought an establishment that would not only provide high-quality care but also trained caregivers. She found none that met her standards.

Twenty-five years later, Lisa decided that she wanted to leave the corporate world, having spent 30 years working for a petroleum company as the director of their environmental department, and go into business for herself where she could truly many an impact in the home care industry.

Enter ACASA Senior Care. Founded in 2012, ACASA has spent the past eight years creating a proven business model that is highly efficient, simple to scale, and maximizes profitability. ACASA is a need, not want, business. In the U.S., 10,000 seniors are turning 65 every day until 2030, and this wave of aging seniors is sometimes referred to as the Silver Tsunami. In reality, it’s a tsunami of need, as the wide majority of these seniors prefer to age-in-place and millions of seniors will require in-home care. While the field is crowded, we’ve proven that you only need to capture 40-60 clients to run a highly profitable business.

Lisa recently opened her franchise in Atlanta, Georgia, in September 2019, and represents how ACASA helps achieve your dreams of owning a business that makes an impact.

Why Did You Decide to Own a Business in the Senior Care Sector?

Lisa: I wanted to own a business in this industry because I saw so many people getting it wrong. I’ve been taking care of my parents for almost 25 years now. My dad had bone and prostate cancer, and my mom still has Alzheimer’s. These illnesses are so complex, and can be so overwhelming, that people often have no idea where to turn to to get answers. That was when I realized that everyone has the same need: there are seniors who need help and there are children who need to understand how to help their parents.

I even became certified to make sure I understood the job and training certified nursing assistants have. I wanted to make sure that if they’re trained a certain way they’re working in accordance with and standards of that training. However, for ACASA, I want to go above and beyond. I want people to see and understand that this is how you should be taking care of someone.

Did You Research Any Other Brands Before Deciding on ACASA?

Lisa: I looked at several brands, but because I had been in assisted living for five years, I could tell which ones were good and which weren’t. I found out about ACASA through a friend. After I decided I wanted to sign on, I went to California, met the team, and loved them. One of the things I really admire when I visited is finding out how they built the business. They seemed to have the same values about taking care of the senior citizen and how it should be done. I really admired how Daniel and Inna worked as hard as they could, day in and day out, serving their community. They also treat their caregivers well, which is very important.

What Are You Doing to Build the Brand and Build Awareness in Your Community?

Lisa: ACASA is very new in Atlanta. Because of this, it’s important to let everyone know who you are. So I do a lot of volunteer work and will be the vice-chair for the Volunteer Aging Council, which works with low-income seniors. Additionally, I volunteer for Seniors and Law enforcement Together or SALT. I get out in the community to help as much as I can. I always wear ACASA and present myself in a positive manner so that they’ll remember what ACASA is about.

From a Client Standpoint, Why Do You Think Your Clients Like ACASA Versus Competitors?

Lisa: I think it has a lot to do with my personality. You’re giving your heart to the client who’s sitting there. Even if it isn’t my client, it’s about treating people right. Additionally, I smile. I’ll go in and smile all the time – and that makes people happy, especially seniors. That’s the best thing for them because they see you. In return, they smile and are calm.

What Are Your Goals for Your Business?

Lisa: My goal is to help and educate as many people as I can. I’d also like to elevate the caregiver because they are your front line. In all of the business I have been involved in my entire life, that front line is going to make or break you.

You’ve Done This Most of Your Life and You’re Very Passionate About This. Why Is Passion a Prerequisite for Getting Into This Business?

Lisa: Passion is required because it is a lot of work. You have to be able to give almost 110 percent of yourself. You also have to be able to go out and talk to people. So you have to test yourself with something different, see what you can do, and give back to your community. It’s very important because it helps them, but also helps you.

Why Is Now a Good Time to Invest in ACASA?

Lisa: This is a powerful business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are ready to make a difference. The founders have created a blueprint for success, and if you follow the business model, and are passionate about taking care of seniors, the opportunities to do well are incredible!

Ready to Bring Acasa Senior Care to Your Community?

If you’re ready to join the ACASA Senior Care franchise family, simply fill out an application on this site to begin a conversation. We can’t wait to learn more about you, and see if we can help you realize your dream of owning a business that makes a lasting difference.